Premium Services On Adycart

[{What Is Premium Ad?}{We allows you to pay your Ad as premium and we show your Ad in special block for premium Ad on Home Page and In Search page, We make them more visible in search and We add a special label of premium badge}]
[{What is Highlight?}{We allows You to highlight your Ad and make them more visible and attractive to other people. We setup background color for highlighted Ad Immediately after payment succeed}]
[{Move to Top?}{You Can Move your Ads to the Top, This Move to Top Option, will help You to save your time, Instead of publishing a new Ad, You can move your existing Ad to top for FREE}]
[{Republish your Ad?}{You can Republish your Ad at any time, When ad is republished, it behaves like newly published listing. YWhen republish fee is paid, listing is republished immediately and then after selected period multiple times.ou can set duration and repeat of republish. }]


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